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Attention Parents and Granparents!

Many people are aware of the benefits of life insurance, from protecting a growing family during the younger years to helping create a comfortable retirement in the later years.  But did you realize that a Cash Value Life Insurance policy can also help you leave your loved ones a Living Legacy?We call this a  “Gift of a Lifetime.”  So how does a Permanent Cash Value Life Insurance benefit both you and your heirs?   By leveraging the living benefits of a life insurance policy you can ensure that your children and grandchildren can make their dreams come true.  With cash available to help fund their education, secure a down payment on a home, or help to ensure their own retirement you are truly leaving those you love a Legacy of a Lifetime.  And there are even tax advantages to purchasing a Life Insurance Policy that you fund as gifts to your child or grandchild.  The cash value accumulates on a tax deferred basis and your child or grandchild can use it over their lifetime as well as for their own families.  If you are already helping to fund a college education or giving a lum sum of money for Birthdays and Holidays you need to take a look at the ”gift that keeps on giving.”

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