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Health Insurance (for individuals)

The Los Angeles Health Insurance Experts

Individual health insurance plans can generally be classified as either ‘indemnity’ or ‘managed-care’ plans. These two types differ in terms of what kinds of out-of-pocket costs are involved and in the way expenses are paid for when payment for medical services is necessary.

While indemnity plans might offer more selection to the insured individual concerning which healthcare provider he or she can choose, they often necessitate that the insured individual pay upfront for medical costs and be reimbursed later. Managed-care plans are quite multi-faceted and can be classified as HMO’s, PPO’s, and POS’s. These types of plans utilize a network of participating healthcare providers, thus limiting an insured individual’s selection to healthcare providers to those within that network. Managed-care plans generally entail fewer out-of-pocket costs than indemnity plans.

As Los Angeles Health Insurance specialists, we help individuals who are not eligible for health coverage under a group health insurance plan to acquire individual health insurance. This could be the case for a variety of reasons. If an individual is unemployed or his or her employer does not offer health benefits, then he or she may need to find an individual health insurance plan. Although this can be a difficult situation—especially for an individual who suffers from pre-existing health problems—and most people would prefer to be covered under some sort of group insurance plan, Family First Insurance Solutions endeavors to find an individual health insurance solution for everyone.

Choosing an individual health insurance plan involves many other details, including deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance. Much effort must be exerted in researching the various plans that are available to ensure that you will be covered in the event that you are affected by a medical condition that necessitates health care services.

Family First Insurance Solutions in Los Angeles are experts in helping individuals choose the right health insurance plan, and we are eager to assist you in finding the individual health insurance plan that will meet all of your needs. Call us today at 877-797-6066.