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Whole Life Insurance

The Los Angeles Whole Life Insurance Experts

As Whole Life Insurance specialists in Los Angeles, we’ll tell you that whole life insurance is not only a great way to ensure your loved ones are taken care of, but it’s also a great investment! Unlike term life, whole life insurance is a long-term life insurance solution that carries for the entire life of the insured, as well as a high-interest savings plan.

Some of its benefits include stable payment amounts, access to the cash value of the policy, and the ability to avoid taxes on additional money invested into the policy. Accessing the cash value of a whole life insurance policy is done via policy loans that are normally obtainable until the death of the insured individual. The value of any outstanding loans against the policy at death is deducted from the total value of the policy payout. Whole life insurance can be a good way to not only look out for family members after death, but also to invest long term through a product that is generally risk-free and straightforward. A whole life insurance policy can usually be cashed in while the insured is still alive, though there will be a lower payout in the event that a whole life insurance policy is cashed out early.

You may have heard the terms “Infinite banking” or “Bank on Yourself.”   These 2 concepts are based on the cash value of Whole Life Insurance.   The cash value in a Whole Life policy is considered an asset.  You own it and can liquidate it, loan against it or use it as collateral.  A Whole Life policy offers the best in Living Benefits: 100% Liquidity, safety of your principal regardless of what the stock market is doing,  guaranteed equity and this all comes to you on a tax free basis.   Whole life is truly one of the best kept secrets in the insurance industry and allows you to be in charge of what happens to your money.

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